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The New York Chinese School (NYCS), located right in the heart of the New York Chinatown, is a non-profit, community-based organization, affiliated with the Chinese Consolidated Benevolent Association (CCBA) of New York, a parent agency of 60 civic and family associations in the New York Chinatown community.  The school was established in 1909, during the Chin Dynasty, as the very first overseas Chinese school, starting with only about 20 students at the beginning of the 20th century, growing up to about 3,000 students when turning into the 21st century, is now the largest overseas Chinese School in North America.  The New York Chinese School has been chartered by the New York State Education Department since 1967, and is a federally tax-exempt organization under 501(c) (3). 

Over the past more than 100 years, the NYCS has been working very hard with thousands of students every year; they learn from the dedicated teachers not only the Chinese language, but also its history, culture, with emphasis on the Chinese traditional ethics of values and virtues.  At present, the NYCS provides Chinese education based on levels of various grades, from kindergarten through12th grades, plus adult classes of beginning, intermediate, intermediate advanced; the students at the NYCS also learn Chinese culture, poetry, calligraphy.  In addition, the NYCS offers students with a variety of classes in dancing, painting, piano, among others, so that their learning become more comprehensive and interesting.  Currently, the NYCS students body is composed of 85% Chinese ethnic born in the United States, and 15% non-Chinese (including, Whites, African Americans, Hispanic, and Asians other than Chinese).  Located at 62 Mott Street, in Chinatown, the NYCS has a total of 24 classrooms, 1 dance studio, 2 piano rooms, a modern indoor gym, and an auditorium with a capacity of 430 people, all within the same building, making it the largest Chinese School building in North America.   

Ever since Ms. Nora Chang Wang, the Principal of NYCS, took over the leadership in September 2016, the reputable NYCS has been undergoing a series of improvement projects, including replacing all Year-1961 student desks and chairs in classrooms with brand new ones, all worn-out blackboards with new ones and modern white boards, renovating all restrooms for students with varying ages, installing classroom projectors for digital instruction and multi-media applications; furthermore, the School has been intensively engaged in the development/design of updated curriculum overview and testing measurement, as well as on-going staff training and capacity building for all teachers.  All the above-mentioned physical upgrades and quality improvement during the initial stage under Principal Chang Wang´s leadership is continuing, as the NYCS´ new administration truly believes in the management mode of continuous improvement. 

Looking ahead, Principal Nora Chang Wang, along with deep appreciation for the strong support from the NYCS Board of Directors, and for the cooperation and efforts from all staff, during the initial stage, is optimistic and confident for the NYCS´ future, growing into a unique and quality-focused institution for overseas Chinese education, and a model for all other localities, not only in the U.S., North America, and even in the world.    

​ 「中華絳帳,海外黌宮;尊師重道,養正開蒙;內修己,外立人,揚五千年文化高風;僑賢汗血,聖哲時中;流長源遠,徳攝智融;既溫故,更知新,向億萬里學海前衝;弦歌不輟,薪火長紅!」一首簡短凝練的校歌道出了紐約華僑學校百年來的發展歷程和歷史使命。      



  為了適應教育現代化的需要及更好地服務社區和傳承中華文化,2016年9月1日甫上任的王張令瑜校長,經過近兩個月的觀察及策劃,在十月底正式向常務校董會提出了初期的硬體和軟體改進措施的計劃書,並獲得了全體常務校董的一致通過。經過了兩個月的努力,所有初期改進的工作項目均順利完成,並於2017年1月6日至8日向社區舉辦「開放日」,得到了僑領、長官、家長們、學生們和社會各界的一致好評和肯定。      僑校初期的硬體改進主要包括重新裝修不合符規定的學生廁所;更換已使用半世紀以上破舊的學生桌椅;置換大部份已使用30多年的黑板,並全面增設新型白板;安裝投影儀等數位教學設備;徹底專業深層次的清洗所有教室、廁所和走廊地板。軟體方面主要聘請專家對全體老師進行課堂管理、數位教學、有效運用助教等培訓,以加強教師的能量建設,提高教師隊伍的整體素質。      



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