First Day of Fall Semester


日班 Weekday After School:9/8

星期六班 Saturday Classes:9/10

星期日班:Sunday Classes:9/11   

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Our Mission 辦學宗旨

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New York ​Chinese School

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"What heaven confers is called nature. Accordance with this nature is called the way. Cultivating the way is called Education."



  • Chinese Classes (Kindergarten to 12th Grade)                                          國、粵語中文班(幼稚園至高中)                                                                        *    * Weekday After School Classes 日班:3pm - 6pm                                                  * Saturday/ Sunday Classes    星期六或星期日班:                                                   Morning上午班: 10am-1pm      Afternoon下午班:2pm-5pm
  • Adult Mandarin            成人國語班
  • Traditional Chinese Dance Class       舞蹈班
  • Drawing Class              繪畫班
  • Piano Class                   鋼琴班
  • Summer Program     暑期班
New York Chinese School was established in 1909, during the Ching Dynasty, We initially opened with 20 students. Today, there are more than 3,000 students in grade levels ranging ...

"Our mission is to teach the Chinese language, both written and spoken, and promote Chinese culture and heritage.  The diligence of our teaching staff since 1909 has made it possible .... "