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Abacus Bank successfully applied for the government's "Paycheck Protection Program" (PPP) for the Chinese School.

本案經于主席親自指導僑校,於第一時間內藉由國寶銀行董事長孫儀芬及總裁孫儀文的專業協助下,以一星期作業時間即獲得政府的審查通過。是項資助可用於僑校人事及行政經費,對於非營利事業機構的紐約華僑學校亦是一大助力。于主席表示僑校歷史悠久,建校源自1909年,初設校址於Mott 街天主堂,服務社區子弟為該校立校之宗旨。其表示很高興藉由國寶銀行的協助順利獲得是項專款。該款取之於政府,用之於中華語言及文化的推廣,格具特殊意義。僑校將按照規定,75%用於支付教職員薪水、25%則用來支付水電等雜費支出。于主席對於現階段學生實施網路課程學生出席率及成果表示滿意,期僑校學生都能夠珍惜學習的機會,未來有能力並回饋社區及國家。

Chairman Yu Jinshan of the Chinese Consolidated Benevolent Association (CCBA) personally went to Abacus Bank at 12:00 noon to sign the federal government's "Paycheck Protection Program" (PPP), and expressed gratitude for their long-term support to the New York Chinese School.
Under the chairman's personal guidance, the Chinese School promptly applied for the program with the professional assistance of Abacus Bank's chairman Vera Sung, and president Jill Sung, and received government approval within one week. This funding can be used for personnel and administrative expenses of the Chinese School, providing significant support to the non-profit organization. Chairman Yu mentioned that the Chinese School has a long history, established in 1909 with its first location at the Mott Street Cathedral, serving the community's children as its mission. He expressed delight in smoothly obtaining this special funding with the assistance of Abacus Bank. The funds, acquired from the government, will be used for promoting Chinese language and culture, which holds significant meaning. According to regulations, 75% of the funds will be used to pay salaries of teaching staff, while the remaining 25% will cover miscellaneous expenses such as utilities.
Chairman Yu expressed satisfaction with the current attendance and performance of students in online classes. He hopes that all students of the Chinese School can cherish the opportunity to learn, develop their capabilities, and give back to the community and the country in the future.