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        校長秉持以愛為出發點之教育理念,結合主流大學之教學內容及趨勢,與亨特學院合作輔導社區學子應考美國國防部、紐約卅教育廳資助下研發之標準化語言能力測試- STAMP ,高中生測試通過將頒給紐約州雙語認證(The Seal of Bi-literacy)。另,以宏揚中華文化為主題,打造紐約華僑學校成為品質保證之教育機構;讓學子們在人格發展及學習內涵上具競爭優勢;未來成為各階層之菁英,同時教導學生以取之於社會,回饋於社會之有理想及抱負的人。


          New York Chinese School (NYCS), located in the heart of the New York City's Chinatown, was established in 1909 and has been chartered by the New York State Education Department since 1967. NYCS is a non-profit, community-based organization.  

          As the very first overseas Chinese school, New York Chinese School began with only  ~20 students in the early 20th century but had expanded to ~3,200 students by the turn of the century. Our school is comprised of 22 classrooms, 2 dance studios, 1 piano room, a modern indoor gymnasium, and an auditorium with a capacity of 428 people, making us the largest overseas Chinese School in North America.  
        NYCS provides Chinese education for K-12 students in our afterschool and weekend programs, as well as adults in the form of Mandarin classes at beginner, intermediate, or intermediate-advanced levels. Students also become immersed in Chinese culture, including poetry and calligraphy. NYCS also offers a comprehensive list of classes in the creative/performing arts such as dance, drawing/painting, and piano to complement and enrich the learning experience.

           At present, New York Chinese School has welcomed a group of professional teachers with rich teaching experience from different colleges. Under Principal Wang's efforts, NYCS has cooperated with Columbia University's Teachers College and Hunter College to receive numerous university students with teaching experience at NYCS to serve as Teaching Assistants which will increase the quality of education and create a better learning environment for students
           Principal Jennifer Wang is working on developing a new pedagogical model in concert with various marquee universities. As a first step, NYCS is collaborating with Columbia University's Teachers College and Hunter College. Thanks to this partnership with Hunter College, our students can now take the Standards-based Measurement of Proficiency (STAMP) test, developed by the US Department of Defense and the New York Department of Education.  Every student that passes the STAMP test will be awarded the New York State Seal of Bi-literacy.

           With the theme of promoting Chinese culture and heritage, New York Chinese School will continue to maintain its high standards and remains a place where students can develop self-respect, leadership, and the foundation to achieve financial and academic success.

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