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Raymong Tsang and Eric Ng Donated $100,000 To The New York Chinese School


Wednesday,July 7th

中華公所主席兼華僑學校董事長曾偉康 預計將捐贈任內薪資及加上個人捐款總計6萬元,同時中華公所「畢業鼓勵金」(FortunateGraduation Fund)創辦人之一伍銳賢顧問也將加碼個人捐款4萬元。兩項捐款共10萬元將專用於 僑校學生學費減免,以激勵社區子弟不因疫情影響繼續學習中文。
受惠學子可於2022秋季課程與2023春季課程同時報名,2023春季即可直接減免學費一半。目前董事會通過每一學期學費250元,因此一學年兩學期本應繳500元,獲贈獎學金補助後,全年學費僅需375元。報名前400名者可以 享有此項優惠。

Raymond Tsang, President of the New York Chinese School and Chairman of the Chinese Consolidated Benevolent Association (CCBA) has planned to donate a total of $60,000 from his own salary and personal donation, while Eric Ng, co-founder of CCBA’s Fortunate Graduation Fund, will donate an additional $40,000.These two donations, totaling $100,000, will be used to reduce tuition fees for students of The New York Chinese School to encourage children in the community to continue learning Chinese in spite of the impact of the pandemic. 
Students who register for both fall 2022 and spring 2023 semesters will have their tuition reduced by half in spring 2023. The board of directors has approved the tuition of $250 for each semester, making the tuition $500 in total for both fall 2022 and spring 2023 semester. After receiving the donations, the cost of tuition for the whole year is only $375. The first 400 applications will receive this discount. 
Mr. Tsang and Mr. Ng also said that the “Tuition Subsidy Fund for The New York Chinese School” was set up to encourage children of all ethnic groups in the community to learn Chinese and hopes for them to serve and contribute to the community in the future.