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Registrations are open, thank you for your interest and support of NYCS! ​春季學期的註冊已開放!

Deadline 截止日期: 1 月 23 日 2022 年


1. 週末中文班的學生,五年級以下及12歲以下未打疫苗者仍維持網路上課。

2. 平日課後班是網課(暫定)

Important Messages:

1. For Student Weekend Chinese Classes, students below Grade 5 and under 12 years old will need to take virtual Chinese classes in the Spring Semester. Students between grade 6-12 and above 12 years old and have been fully vaccinated can choose to participate in the online or in-person courses.

2. Weekday Afterschool Program is set as online(Tentative) 

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Deadline for registration for Spring 2022: January 23 (1/24 or later, an additional $10 registration fee will be added)***