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Mayor de Blasio has announced schools will continue operating classes online. Online classes will continue operating until further notice.
Students can access their textbook through HuayuWorld.org. 

Teachers will email student's homework to parents. 
Regarding the continuation of classes, we do everything in accordance with the New York City Board of Education regulations. 
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​​New York Chinese School is accepting online registrations. Please click the following URL :
2022 Summer class online registration link 


紐約市 市长德 · 布拉西奥宣佈,紐約市學校將關閉至6/26(週五)。學生可以通過HuayuWorld.org訪問其教科書。老師將通過電子郵件將學生的作業發送給父母。 關於繼續上課,我們會按照紐約市教育局的規定做所有事情。 

2022夏季班網路報名聯結網址                                     2022 Summer Program Online Registration Link

Registration For The 2022 Spring Semester is Closed! 春季學期的註冊已關閉!
​夏季學期的註冊已開放! 報名鋼琴點擊這裡

Summer Registration is open, Click Here to register for Piano

Visit our Summer Semester Page for More Info on How You Can Apply!

NYCS has realtered office hours due to the current situation. Please check our Contact Us section and Programs section for further details.